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SBRA Frequently Asked Questions


How many of my employees do the SBRA fees cover?


SBRA fees allow all employees of your company within the Chapter's region to participate in SBRA events and have access to SBRA’s resources.  


What does the introductory SBRA fee cover?


The introductory fee covers all of your company’s set-up costs into the SBRA database so that your company can benefit from all the resources SBRA has to offer. The introductory fee normally ranges from $150 - $250 depending on the size of your company; However, the SBRA is rebating $100 of this standard fee for all Charter Members. The Hive E-town is offering additional discounts that further lower the costs.


What are the monthly SBRA fees thereafter?


The Monthly varies based on size of your company from $29 - $50. The Hive E-town is offering additional discounts that further lower the costs.


If I am a member in another region, do I need to be a member in the South-Central Pennsylvania Affiliate Chapter to participate in events?


Yes.  Fees are per region, so a member of another chapter who wants to participate in Central PA events would need to sign up with this Chapter. If part of any other company membership, SBRA asks you to have one active monthly fee payment in each region where your company is active.  You may participate in other Chapter's 120 Mingles as a guest.


Your chapter location is in Elizabethtown. Will there be events elsewhere?


Absolutely. While the Elizabethtown location is central to the entire chapter, networking events will be regularly planned in all major submarkets and cities within the chapter’s footprint. One of the great benefits of the SBRA is the ability to connect businesses within their submarket and between submarkets so companies have access to a larger footprint in Central PA. The organized SBRA events and activities in each submarket promote this greater connected business community.  We strongly encourage businesses to host 120 Mingles and other events to highlight their business to all our SBRA members!


How often are there networking events?


There are several networking opportunities per month and as the region grows, specific markets may have their own events, creating multiple opportunities per month for you to highlight your business, products and services.


What other marketing opportunities are available through SBRA?


In addition to networking events, there are educational programs as well as sponsorship opportunities, the SBRA magazine and other opportunities to get the word out about your business. All of this information can be found at


What information is needed to become an SBRA member?


Below is the basic information needed to start your membership process. Once this basic information is provided, an SBRA member will call to on-board you and answer any questions you have about membership. *Remember, Charter Members will receive $100 off any membership initiation fees.

Business Name:


Business Phone:

Business Email for Membership Info:


Business Type (what you sell or provide):

Bus. Start Date*

No. of Employees:

Business Category or Categories - you may list more than one (e.g., Plumbing & Heating)*

Membership Plan:

Up to 25 Employees [$150 initiation + $29/mo.]

26-50 Employees [$200 initiation + $40/mo.]

51+ Employees [$250 initiation + $50/mo.]

Would you like to receive Text Notifications of SBRA events?


How do I make the most of my SBRA membership?


Get Involved. By taking advantage of as many of the SBRA events as possible and being a participant on of the various committees. We are looking for members with energy to help in the following areas:


  • Event Organization / Planning in my submarket

  • Submarket Steering Committees or Mastermind Groups

  • Member Outreach

  • Event Sponsorship

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